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Sandy Beach
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Match maker, match maker, make us a match! 

After years of trying to introduce Sarah and Mark, Rachel Benderson & Nikki Balsom finally succeeded in convincing Sarah to text him. Little did they know at the time, but their sister-in-laws had been on to something for a long time, and it didn't take more than one Facetime call for Sarah and Mark to realize that their relationship was much more than average lust. Since that first Facetime, they have been inseparable


With Sarah living in Boston and Mark living in Delray, the start to their relationship was unconventional.

Sarah flew down to Delray for their first date - which lasted 4 days. The date went so well that their

second 'date' lasted 17 days where they traveled to Laguna Beach, Delray Beach, and Boston together....

and well, the rest is history. Knowing how much Mark loved the sunshine, Delray, and Sarah, it was an easy choice for her to move to Delray so they could start their life together with their Goldendoodle, Hampton!


Mark and Sarah's wedding is particularly unique because it officially brings together two Buffalo-born families whose friendship extends back multiple generations. Mark's grandparents, Heshey & Roaine, and Sarah's grandparents, Joe & Dolores, were dear friends. Subsequently, Mark and Sarah's mothers, Denise and Lori, have known each other since they were teenagers. And if that was not enough, Mark and Sarah's brothers, Jordan and Evan, are married to best friends, Nikki and Rachel, who are the catalysts for this ultimate love story. Oh, and to top it all off, Mark's baby bassinet was passed down to Sarah to use!

It is safe to say that their love is beshert. 

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